Impact investing

Unlike the more broadly defined term of ethical investing, that can often be applied to investments that merely avoid certain industries, companies, or asset classes, impact investing is about making investments intended to have a definable and measurable social or environmental impact (or outcome).

Impact investing helps solve problems and realise opportunities that are too broad or complex for not-for-profits, government, or philanthropy to tackle alone.

Impact investments may be made via investments into managed or pooled investment schemes (like the Fund) or into projects or organisations, with the express intention of generating investors’ desired and measurable social and/or environmental outcomes, alongside a financial return (that may be at either below-market or above-market rates).

Impact investments vary from grants or other philanthropic means because a financial return is expected, and different from broader investments or finance options because measurable social and/or environmental benefits are at their core.

“The Specialist Residential Property Impact Fund has been created to provide institutional, wholesale and retail investors with the opportunity to participate in the important emerging SDA market, and to deliver vitally important and measurable social outcomes for people with disabilities, and their families and carers”.

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